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Administrative Services

adminWe recognize that HOA Board members are volunteers providing a valuable service to their communities and Spot-On Management Services LLC will relieve you of the necessary but time-consuming details of managing your residential community. Our Community Managers are responsible for providing and working closely with your HOA boards by providing them with guidance and recommendations on HOA related matters. Our Community Manager(s) come from a variety of backgrounds: (HOA Board Presidents; HOA Community/Financial Managers) and have worked in a variety of community committees and will serve as your professional and experienced advocate. We will provide the following scope of administrative/ management services:


  • Handle and track homeowners phone calls
  • Maintain and track correspondence from Board members, homeowners, contractors, and others as it relates to the Association
  • Prepare and mail correspondence
  • Produce and distribute the newsletter (as specified)
  • Prepare and distribute a “welcome packet” to new residents
  • Provide Financial Reports to Board Members
  • Provide Draft Budgets to Board Members
  • Maintain and track correspondence from Board members, residents, contractors and others related to the association
  • Distribute Management Report to Board members on a monthly basis
  • Prepare and provide Draft Newsletters


    • Prepare and distribute agendas, management reports and documents for monthly board meetings and annual meetings
    • Prepare, update and distribute draft minutes to Board of Directors
    • Attend annual, monthly board, and special meetings (as specified)
    • Follow up and Track Action items requested by the Board

Administrative / Management

    • Maintain and update Web-site, if required
    • Maintain inventory of all property owned by Association and warranty
    • Contract administration
    • Insurance administration
    • Maintain and collect homeowner and tenant information
    • Advise Board members on matters of property maintenance and repair
    • Coordinate community reserve study
    • On-site manager staff manager (if required)
    • Advise & counsel Board members on matters of insurance, audit, financial and legal matters
    • Act as legal and municipality liaison
    • Prepare and process information regarding re-sales
    • Assign and track work orders if required
    • Assist in obtaining and maintaining appropriate insurance for your community
    • Maintain all necessary documentation
    • 24/7 Emergency Answering Service
    • Inspect work performed by outside vendors in your community
    • Conduct routine inspections of common elements and grounds
    • End of Year Tax Returns
    • Audit Reports

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